Hi, I am Kyle

I’m often asked about my history and career as an entrepreneur, so here it goes …

After 10+ years as an obedient employee, I decided to start my own company. First, I started one in Belgium. Later I moved to Portugal, walking distance from the beach, closed my Belgian business and started a new one here in Portugal. I have many stories to tell and my experience and the lessons I learned can help others to understand how to do things better and avoid mistakes along the way.

In 2019, I am writing a lot about hardware acceleration eating AI (My 9K+ Quora Space). I have been born and raised as a digital VLSI engineer on a mission. Chip design is evolving from more general purpose processing to application specific, ASIC’s. It is changing cloud and server infrastructure in a fundamental way. My background makes it easier now to asses funding for startups in high-tech electronics. Something I am very excited about!

From 2015 to 2018, I have been busy with the design and architecture of vision processing and hardware acceleration. Startups in hardware are tough and capital intensive, but this one had a happy end. Not the Thai massage kind of thing, really technically.

In 2014, I started my Portuguese company and next to my tech activities, my wife and I rent houses to tourists. We live walking distance from the beach in a quiet rural part of Portugal, North of Lisbon. The transition from Belgium to rural Portugal was a bit of a challenge. No bank was willing to give us a mortgage since we were foreigners. This ties up a lot of capital that cannot be used to build a business. The weather is a major factor in anyone’s happiness, so we stayed.

Until 2010, I was a soldier, getting orders from the powers that be. I worked for startups and big names. My RTL code is in millions of devices all over the world. As part of a team and as a project manager, I was part of all but one first time right digital ASIC’s. I also have 5 mixed-signal chips on my resume, all five were first time right as well. Today, digital design is about design or verification or DFT or STA. I started my career in the nineties, the chips were not that big back then so we were trained to do all front-end chip design tasks. You don’t see that anymore these days. You need the knowledge of all steps of the design to understand how you can avoid problems later in the project right at the start of the project. A strategy or methodology that is 10 times more efficient than what big semiconductor companies spend now. 10% of the cost, with fewer resources and faster to market.

My passion

Measure, observe, analyze, improve is my modus operandi. Logging the consumption of water and electricity regularly and then trying to reduce is one example. And I am the same person in private as in my professional life. Keep it simple, what is the point of pretending? Today’s abundance of new technologies is a great era to live in.  The promise of an exciting future. Without a doubt, a lot of opportunities present themselves right here and right now. My take on this is based on my hardware electronics background. Trying to understand the future and how we can take advantage to make our lives better.

“””Those who adapt to change are the winners of tomorrow.”””

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