Why do good employees always quit in almost any job?

Underperformers have something to lose. Their job, their income and career. They stay.

A person that grows his skill set and expertise, he becomes more valuable. He knows things, can solve things. He can convince people that he knows his stuff. For instance, in a job interview with technical people. Because, in his current position, he is a threat to the team members. If he is more valuable, it decreases their chances of a salary increase or promotion. They will change their strategy towards that person.

Your boss

The levels above feel threatened as well, competition going up, is not favorable. In meetings, they can embarrass less experienced managers or team leaders. Nobody wants that. Getting rid of competition or preventing people to become competitors is part of the game. Office politics is everywhere. If you feel inferior technically, you have to make sure the more experienced competitors do not get the right information, or help. It is against the best interest of the company, but that is not relevant to those playing the game of office thrones. Therefore, medium to big companies become a collection of bad and underperforming employees. In other words, they got nowhere to go.

Knowledge = power

Today, your knowledge is your value. You did believe in yourself a few years ago, right? You believed you could graduate from college. Guess what? You did just that. It means you can hold on to a commitment. Unfortunately, on graduation day, most people’s lives end. Biologically they live on. But they stopped learning. As a result, they thought graduating was it. How weird is that?

  • If you believe in yourself.
  • If you believe that you can acquire more knowledge and skills.
  • If you believe you can become an expert in various fields.
  • If you believe in yourself as you believed in yourself starting in college.

Then you know it doesn’t end at graduation.

Only you (song in the background)

Don’t put your faith in a company that uses shady tax evasion strategies, tries to cover up problems, lies about career opportunities and performance-based pay.
A company that fires employees because the profit was the same as the last quarter and the CEO’s stock value drops because the analysts of Wall Street expected more.
Employees are so expensive but still, they pay the consultants double of what you make. Does that really make sense to you?
Does this match fair pay in your book?
Put faith in yourself.
Most importantly, you can select employment by solely focussing on the important skills you need.
So, change jobs, heck, even companies if you cannot learn more.
Because that is so much better than leaving your faith and that of your family in the hands of an overweight and way too rich CEO.

Walk away

Any employee with more than one brain cell walks away from fixed employment.
The only protection against unemployment is expertise.
And if you are playing above your capabilities, you stay, no matter what.
If you become more valuable, you are losing by staying.
Simple as that.
Oh, and don’t listen to recruiters.
Very important.
They have a financial interest in keeping up appearances.
I don’t.


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