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What will workers have to resort to when robotics and advanced artificial intelligence systems eliminate their careers?

Obviously, the people writing software and firmware and the people developing the hardware for robots will be in the best position to see in what direction the automatisation is evolving and which human tasks can be taken over by machines. But just because a machine can take over a certain task, it doesn’t mean that no human could do that job anymore. There is always the aspect of cost and efficiency. Even though a machine could do the job, it does not necesseraly imply it will replace all humans doing that job. My view is more that we should see machines as an aid, freeing up time and resources for tasks that today are not taken care of. A win-win situation. A machine that follows you in the supermarket and packs the groceries in an efficient way, that takes care of the payment and brings the groceriesto your car and puts the groceries in your car in boxes. The cost for supermarkets is spread over time and is quite low but for the customer, it saves time, hassle and saves your back, it would be an improvement for humans. Granted the cashier would be no longer needed, but that job is not one of the most favored jobs in the world, repetitive and boring. There are other sectors that need more manpower and they do not find them. In the past, we were going paperless with computers, tablets and phones. But we still print a lot of documents. Several more examples like that, it is never black and white. Let’s call it a few shades of grey (wink, wink).

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