Hi, I am Kyle

I am an ASIC expert and freelancer, a writer and entrepeneur. I started my career in the nineties. One principle I have always followed is the KISS principle. I have been focussing on efficiency and methodology since day one. My observations cover big companies as well as the small startups I have worked for. Today, I like to share my view on various high-tech topics in my newsletter.

As a technology focussed writer, I was honored to receive the topwriter badge from Quora. In my work life, I have been part of a few international awarded chips. Nevertheless, I am humbly trying to expand my knowledge every single day. I read about 3D printing, drones, raspberry pi, arduino, home automation, IoT, blockchain, robotics, ... . Experimenting with those technologies is fun. And this is the journey I like to write about.

My Mission

My journey has always been about how to do things more efficient. In my private life as well as in my professional life. Today's abundance of new technologies is a great era to live in.  The promise of an exciting future. Without doubt, a lot of opportunities present themselves right here and right now. My take on this is based on my electronics background, a hardware based view of the world. Trying to understand the future and how we can take advantage to make our lives better.I believe that the most pessimistic and most optimistic predictions never become true. Those who adapt to change are the winners of tomorrow.